Feel Good Films with Popcorn Shed

Feel Good Films with Popcorn Shed

Happy National Popcorn Day, everyone! I’m so excited to be collaborating with Popcorn Shed, again, in honour of this holiday. If you missed it, I reviewed some of their delicious popcorn flavours at the end of last year. This time, I’m bringing you my feel good films of all time! We all have those films that we’ll happily watch over and over again, just because we love them so much. And what else is a better accompaniment than popcorn?

My favourite flavour from Popcorn Shed has to be Berry-licious! I mentioned this in my last post, too. The raspberries add a lovely sour element to the sweetness of the chocolate, and the end product tastes amazing! If I had to choose only one flavour to have on my movie nights, it would definitely be this one. However, there’s such a selection at Popcorn Shed! You can even buy a little selection box of different flavours, so you can try every single one during your movie marathon.

They have a mix of savoury and sweet (and even a savoury and sweet) flavours for you to choose from, so there is something for everybody!

And now, onto my movie selections! I don’t know if I have a favourite genre – I’m more of a TV show person than a film person. So these happen to be a mix, but I love all of them equally and so much!

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