How I Am Improving My Lifestyle

How I Am Improving My Lifestyle

Lately I haven’t been feeling great about myself. Over the past year, I have put on weight and while it hasn’t been a major weight gain, it has been obvious to myself and the people around me. I stopped exercising, stopped eating well and I was eating at all the wrong times, too. By that I mean, I would often skip meals and when I felt hungry, I would snack instead of have a proper meal. Biscuits became my one true love! So, I’ve made improving my lifestyle my next mission.

Not only has my diet and weight been an issue, but I’ve let my skincare routine fall by the wayside. I let my skin get bad before I realise I should be doing something about it, and then I take care of my skin to fix the issues. But once I’ve done this, I let the routine fall again.

I’m also terrible at looking after my mental health, too! Just like my skincare routine, I let it fall into a deep, dark hole of despair before I realise – oh, I should do something about this. I either apply for counselling at my University, tell my parents or I’m so deep in the mess I have created, that I sit there stewing in it, assuming there is no other way out.

I’m now in my final year of University, and I’m sick of how low I let myself get. I’m completely done with not taking a hold of my life, and forcing myself to improve it rather than sitting there, wishing that it would get better without me having to put the effort in. I know I am lazy, and I know that I hold myself back. And I know that only I can change how I live my life.

Before, I would assume that if I couldn’t get myself into a better routine instantly, it would never happen. I think I have grown to realise that success isn’t instant. Success is baby steps. You wouldn’t go to the gym and try and lift your entire body weight the first time, would you? So why assume that everything else is going to come to you that instantly?

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Changes // New Me

It was my 21st birthday last month and I am determined to make a change in a few areas in my life.

I’ve been seeing a counsellor for my depression as of last week, which is a baby step taken on the road to a healthier me. I’m working to get on top of my university work at the moment, and I am tidying my living space more often in the hopes that the tidy home, tidy mind concept will further help my mental health.

These things are small, every day phases I go through every couple of months. They’re nothing new to me, as is falling out of those routines is nothing new either. I’m good at starting things with good intentions, and then getting myself into a state of…

“What’s the point in even trying?”

I’ve always put my desires aside because of this; I felt they were stupid, pointless to chase after as there was no way I’d be able to succeed in any of them. Starting a blog, starting a YouTube channel, starting anything that put myself out there in front of millions of people, completely naked for all to see. Why would someone want to read a blog like mine – one with content that was just like everybody else’s, where nothing is new and exciting and that could make me seem more appealing?

Now I realise it’s not about the level of success, but how much joy you get out of it on your journey. So here I am, starting my blog, something I’d tried and failed at multiple times simply through fear of failing (the irony!).

People may start their new year, new you at the start of the calendar year, but here’s me, starting my new year, new me at the start of my 22nd year on this planet.

~ Beka