Christmas Gift Guide for Pets

Christmas Gift Guide for Pets

Hi everyone, and welcome back to another gift guide! This time, it is my Christmas gift guide for pets. As some of you might know, I got my first dog this summer and it’ll be his first Christmas this year (with us, and just in general!). I’m very excited, and can’t wait to see how he reacts to all the presents and wrapping paper.

I decided that since I was doing gift guides this Christmas, that it would be silly not to put together one for pets! I’m sure I will pick up even more for Alfie in the coming weeks – he’s the love of my life, I have no doubt that myself and my family will spoil him rotten.

Christmas gift guide for pets

First off, I bought Alfie this cute jumper. I never really thought much of dogs wearing clothes. Actually, I sometimes thought of it as a bit of a shame. But I won’t lie, I now think it’s adorable. My excuse is that he is a short-haired dog, and will get cold when we’re out on walks or we don’t have the heating on. So we do have to buy him a coat for walks, especially when it rains – so why not expand to jumpers?

I also have to admit that I’ve already put it on him, and it melts my heart. I might have to buy another for his Christmas, now! Even my boyfriend, who would usually tell me I’m being stupid with these things, thinks he looks adorable in his new jumper.

Christmas gift guides for pets

How could I not get him something fancy to wear for Christmas Day? As a boxer, Alfie’s becoming a bit of a slobbery boy. My mum is always talking about getting him neck ties to wipe up the drool as he gets older, which I always think is a bit of a shame but it makes me laugh. At least this way she wins, and he gets to look cute (which means I win, too!).

This one slides onto his collar, and has a little bell on the end of it. I don’t think Alfie will have this on for long without trying to catch and eat the bell, but it’ll be worth seeing him in it, even for awhile. Novelty gifts are a must at Christmas for anybody, even pets!

Christmas gift guide for pets

What would this gift guide be if it didn’t have toys in it? Alfie is a big fan of tennis balls, as are most dogs, and has burst his new one already. These cute “snowballs” are from Pets at Home (as is everything else in this post) and I love them! They’re a perfect present for any dog, but I’d like to think he’ll know the difference between another dog’s ball and his with these ones. I like to try and get him different coloured balls, instead of the basic bright green ones – I doubt it makes much of a difference to him, but it’s just something I like to do.

Of course, I got him another novelty present! It’s a squeaky brussel sprout toy. My dad picked it up, and it make us both giggle, so obviously we bought it. It’s very cute, and very soft, and I’m sure Alfie will really enjoy it! And he cannot resist a cuddly toy to throw around. This sloth is adorable, and I couldn’t tear myself away from it in the shop. As you have probably seen from the cover photo for this blog post, neither could Alfie when he accidentally spotted it!

Christmas gift guide for pets

And finally, what would Christmas be without getting the little guy some treats! Usually I try and get him healthy treats with no additives, but I saw these Pets at Home own brand ones and thought that they would be alright for him to eat. The spirals are ones that my parents bought for him, but I decided to go for the peanut butter chews.

If those were peanut butter and chocolate cookies, I’d be all over them. I’m sure Alfie will be just as obsessed with these doggie alternatives!

Christmas gift guide for pets

That is all for the presents in my Christmas gift guide for pets! This next item, however, I am super excited for. The lovely people at The Handmade Christmas Co. sent me over one of their personalised Christmas sacks! It is basically the main presents alternative to a stocking, and it will look very rustic and gorgeous sitting under the tree. It comes with a little red ribbon to tie around the top as well, to keep all the presents hidden until it’s time to open them!

This sack is specifically for dogs, and is personalised for my lil boy. However, there are plenty designs to choose from and you can personalise them for anybody in your life. Some sacks are classic and simple, and others are colourful and have some really cute detailing on them. If you’re interested in getting a Christmas sack for yourself, or someone else this Christmas, you can find them here on The Handmade Christmas Co.’s website!

That concludes my Christmas gift guide for pets for this year! I hope you enjoyed reading, and now have some ideas for your little pal this Christmas. If you’re interested in seeing my other gift guides, check out my gift guide for her – and stay tuned for my gift guide for him, tomorrow!

What was your favourite thing on this list? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,

~ Beka

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