Christmas Gift Guide for Her

Christmas Gift Guide for Her

Hi lovelies, and welcome back! Before I start, I just want to say that although this is a Christmas gift guide for her, these are just the presents I have bought for the girls/women in my life. I do appreciate that many, if not all, of these presents can be bought for people of any gender. My gift guide for him will be similar in that you may find something for anybody on there. That one will be up next, so come back tomorrow for more gift ideas!

I started buying my Christmas presents a couple of months ago, so I could get on top of everything before my exams hit. Because of that, I’ve been in the Christmas spirit for ages. I’m so excited to finally be able to show you what I’ve got my loved ones this year, and share this Christmas spirit with you!

Christmas gift guide for her | Tartan Blanket Co

First, we have this gorgeous scarf from The Tartan Blanket Co. This company is based in Edinburgh, and creates the most gorgeous tartan blankets and scarves, so I feel even more drawn to it. Some of their blankets are even made from recycled wool, which I love! They also do designs other than tartan, like their herringbone scarves, but I much prefer the former (obviously). If you wanted to personalise your gift, you can have your loved one’s initials embroidered onto the scarf for an extra fee. This is such a lovely touch, and immediately increased the personal value of the gift!

This scarf is the Lambswool Oversized Scarf in Baird Tartan. I love the contrast of the green and purple, and think these are classic Scottish colours and look gorgeous together. It isn’t too out there, either! The quality is also amazing. I almost didn’t want to wrap this gift up, and keep it for myself instead. (I didn’t, though! That’s true willpower.) It’s a perfect gift for someone special, or who loves fashion accessories, in your life.

Price wise, these scarves/blankets do vary. Some items have a larger price tag, around £60. But if you have a smaller budget, you will definitely be able to find something around £25-£30. The scarf I purchased was £32, and I’m very happy with this considering the quality and size. It’s oversized, so can be used as a shall or mini blanket, as well as a scarf!

The lovely people over at The Tartan Blanket Co. have given me a discount code for all of you guys if you are interested in buying someone a lovely scarf or blanket this Christmas! You can get 10% your order using the code BEKADAISIES at the checkout! This discount code is only valid for a week after this blog post goes live. So, you guys have until midnight on December 10th to order your scarf this Christmas!

christmas gift guide for her | noble isle

The next gift I have is this Whisky & Water hand soap and hand lotion set from Noble Isle. This gift has a little bit of a story behind it. For my 21st, my family and I went to a hotel in St. Andrews for afternoon tea to celebrate. At this hotel, they had these exact hand soaps in the bathrooms, and they smelt divine. It was such a lovely day with my parents, brother, his fiancee and my granny – and if I could replay that day forever, I would.

My mum is a very nostalgic person, and since she liked this hand soap so much, I decided to write it down on a note in my phone and remember it for Christmas. I think she’ll love the sentiment behind it, and be reminded of that nice day out for my 21st/spent with family whenever she uses it.

I don’t know how to explain this scent, but it’s so delicious. Noble Isle have plenty of other scents on their website from you to choose from, and a lot more products, too! You can even create your own gift sets with the scents you’d prefer and save a little money that way, rather than buy the products separately. I saved £8 on these two by doing it through the create-your-own gift box section! And I also received a free mini shower gel in the same scent. The gift sets also come in a gorgeous black box, so you’re really getting more for your money that way!

christmas gift guide for her | joe wicks cookbook

This next present is for the busy chef in your life – or even aspiring chef. As someone who likes to cook, sometimes it’s just tiring after a long day, and doesn’t feel worth it. I can imagine that someone who doesn’t particularly enjoy cooking so much finds it more difficult than I do to motivate yourself to make dinner. I’ve had a few Joe Wicks cookbooks before, and I love them! He always creates quick and tasty meals, so I think this more recent cookbook from him is a perfect gift for that someone who is as lazy as I am.

This cookbook seems to, at a quick glance, have a lot more “sophisticated” meals than his previous ones. By sophisticated, I don’t mean restaurant style – but more like delicious and substantial home-cooked meals. His other books had amazing recipes that would be perfect for one, or just as a lunch, but weren’t substantial enough for dinner for a whole family. I’m excited to gift this cookbook this Christmas (and slightly jealous that this copy isn’t for myself).

Christmas gift guide for her

For any Harry Potter fans out there, Boots are now doing some cute Harry Potter bits. They have nail polish, eyeshadow palettes for each of the houses, bath bombs for the houses, cute sleeping masks and more!

I decided to get my cousin, who is an equally as big Harry Potter fan as I am, some of these novelty gifts. As someone who works shifts, I’m sure she’ll appreciate this cute Luna Lovegood eyemask. And who wouldn’t love a bath bomb with their house emblem printed on it?

christmas gift guide for her | real techniques | blender

This bauble from Real Techniques is adorable! It has 2 mini complexion sponges in it, which I think is perfect as a stocking filler. I got this in Boots in the 3 for 2 mix-and-match offer, alongside the Harry Potter products – so head down there and bag yourself some Christmas treats for your family and friends!

Of course, this bauble is meant for the tree. I think it would be perfect to hang on the tree on Christmas Eve, while everyone else is in bed, so it is ready and waiting in the morning! However, this present I picked up for my niece, and she doesn’t stay over at ours on Christmas Eve. I will just be wrapping it up for her as a token gift alongside her other presents, but I still love the idea of it being a Christmas decoration! Hunting the Christmas tree for presents in the morning sounds like such a cute tradition to introduce into your home.

Christmas gift guide for her | Morphe | ecotools

Running along the make-up theme, why not get the make-up lover in your family a new eyeshadow pallete, or new brushes? This gorgeous Colour Burst Artistry palette from Morphe is perfect for my niece, who is thinking of going to college to study beauty. I think everyone who loves make up needs at least one palette with bright, bold colours – even if they aren’t particularly your style. I’m more of a neutrals kind of girl, and even I have a colourful palette like this one.

It’s also so nice to use new brushes when you receive them, so I think they’re a perfect gift for someone who as used the same brushes for a while, and is in need of a new set. Ecotools are a favourite of mine, because they are eco-friendly, but also because they look very classic and sleek.

Lastly, I have this Elemis set. Elemis are great quality products, and smell divine! They’re used a lot in spas around where I live, and so the scent of them always relaxes me and reminds me of getting a facial. I managed to bag this generous gift set on QVC for £40, which is amazing considering the price these products usually are.

If you think that someone in your life would love an Elemis gift set for Christmas, keep your eyes peeled for some great deals on QVC! They have other great skincare and make-up brands, as well, like Pixi! It’s worth going on their website and seeing if they have any discounts and sets for a good price. We all know how much Christmas presents can break the bank, especially if you want to buy someone something expensive!

That’s everything for my Christmas gift guide for her! I know this was a bit long (and it’s definitely the longest out of my 3 guide gifts this year), but I had a lot more women to buy for this year than men. I also loved everything I picked up, and wanted to share it all with you!

Thank you for reading, and I hope I have helped inspire you for Christmas present ideas! What was your favourite gift from my guide? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,

~ Beka

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      January 21, 2019 / 3:53 pm

      Me too, tbh 🤦‍♀️ but every time I go in, half the range is already sold out!

  1. December 6, 2018 / 7:29 pm

    Great presents choice. I am also a Harry Potter fan and I love the Harry Potter gifts you have bought.

    • Beka
      January 21, 2019 / 4:01 pm

      Thank you! They are such cute gifts, I’m glad I found them and bought them. I might have to go back and buy some for myself 😏

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