December Bullet Journal

December Bullet Journal

Hi everyone, and welcome to December! I’m super excited for the run up to Christmas, and I can’t wait to get into the festivities properly. Unfortunately, I have exams up until the 14th, so I won’t be doing much before then. I was also planning on doing Blogmas this year, but I think with my final year exams that’s going to be slightly impossible. I will be posting more often through December, as I’ve already prepared some content, but I doubt I will be able to do a full Blogmas!

To kick off the month, I want to show you my bullet journal spread for December! I missed out last month, and this month isn’t particularly interesting either considering it’s very much to do with exams. But I am pretty happy with the first page, and I wanted to show you guys what I’ve done!

December bullet journal

I’ve recently invested in a new pen for cute, flowing calligraphy like you see on all the Pinterest boards. The pen I bought is the Pentel Fude Touch, after reading about it on Emilia Rachael’s November bullet journal post. Her writing is so beautiful with it, and hopefully once I get a hang of the pen, I’ll be able to do some pretty lettering with it, too. However, I think for a first attempt at using it, it didn’t go too badly.

As per usual, I took some inspiration from Pinterest and decided to create a banner for December and mini calender inside of a Christmas wreath. I’m very happy with how it turned out, even though it is simple. I think it looks very cute!

On the next page, I expanded more on my calender and created some space for me to write down what is happening each day. I also popped some goals in there for the month! I need to start exercising, and I want to re-think/re-vamp my blog over the holidays, while I actually have some free time to work on it.

Stringed Christmas lights were a must in a December bullet journal, so I used them to border and break apart the two sections on that page. I only had highlighters, so the lights were a bit thicker than I would’ve wanted. I still think it turned out pretty cute, though!

December bullet journal

The final double page (as I said, not too interesting this month) is a study plan. I haven’t filled it in yet as I’m not sure what I’ll have left to do by the time December comes around. I’m going to take it day by day, and set out my plan in the morning. If I don’t achieve it, I can always re-evaluate my plans for the following day. I do believe in setting smaller goals, though, so you feel a sense of achievement when you do hit them. Then pushing forward to do more is much more rewarding!

I haven’t planned out any of the days after my exams finish as my plan is to not have a plan. (Make sense? Probably not.) After months of deadlines and schedules, I’m really looking forward to taking each day as it comes and being spontaneous. And, obviously, lying around and doing nothing. And afternoon naps.

That concludes my December bullet journal! I hope you liked it, and I’ll hopefully be seeing a lot more of you guys over this month. If you also have exams like I do, good luck and remember to take breaks and look after yourself!

Until next time,

~ Beka

December bullet journal


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