JewelleryBox Review & Septum Rings

JewelleryBox Review & Septum Rings

Hi lovelies, and welcome back to my blog. I’m very excited to bring this blog post to you, today! This post is a collaboration with jewellerybox – they’re a UK based online jewellery shop, and they sell the most beautiful, delicate pieces. And at such an affordable price, especially considering the quality! They have loads of options for all types of body jewellery, and have recently launched some new faux septum rings! (As well as having rings for people who have their septum pierced, too.) As someone who has a septum piercing, obviously I love the look of them – I feel like they can spice up any outfit or look you are going for. Faux septum rings are a great way to do this on one off occasions, without actually committing yourself to a piercing.

I was kindly gifted these items, so I want to start off by giving a big thank you to jewellerybox. I’m very grateful for this collaboration, and I hope you will all agree with me that these pieces are gorgeous!

jewellerybox | septum rings

I feel it’s only right to feature these gorgeous septum rings first, considering it ties in with their latest launch. I picked up 2 rings, and 1 faux ring. Starting with the real rings, I decided on a very simple silver design for one of them. It’s a thin pull-apart ring, with a cute flower on the end. Almost like a daisy – and I don’t know if you can tell, but daisies are my favourite flowers.

Since I often switch between silver and gold jewellery for my facial piercings, I picked up a gold ring, too! I don’t have a lot of jewellery with a pop of colour in them, so I thought, why not start now? There are different colours for this style of ring, but I opted for the orange. It’s a colour I’m really loving at the moment! This is also a pull-apart ring, and I think it will be great to add some warmth to my jewellery this autumn/winter.

Onto the faux septum ring – this is by far my favourite design out of the three. I won’t lie, I was very gutted that they didn’t have this design in a real piercing ring. If they ever do stock it, I will be all over it! It’s such a gorgeous pattern, and gives me real Slytherin vibes. I love it! As I can’t wear this one, I will be gifting it to my niece. She’s 15 and starting to think more and more about piercings, so I think this will be such a cute stocking filler for her this Christmas.

jewellerybox | ring

Alongside them, I picked up this cute ring. It’s so dainty and simple, and I love the knot design. I’m unsure if it’s supposed to resemble a love heart or not, but that is what it looks like to me. It has become an everyday staple for me!

The great thing about this ring is that you can order it in ring sizes, rather than your normal S/M/L that you would see on the high street. That way, you can choose what finger you want to wear it on and it is guaranteed to fit! I had to measure my finger and use an online guide to find out what size I was, and it fits like a dream!

jewellerybox | earrings

Lastly, I chose these two pull-through earrings. I’ve never owned pull-through earrings before, but I briefly remember my mother wearing them when I was little. They felt very nostalgic to me, and also looked so beautiful and delicate, that I had to have them! Since wearing these, I am so in love with this style of earrings. I’ll definitely be expanding my collection!

The pair on the left are amethysts on a cute, link chain. I chose these because amethysts are my birth stone, and I didn’t actually own any jewellery with my birth stone on them before now. I think they are perfect for when you’re wanting to dress up a bit more formally than usual, or want to add a fancier element to a casual outfit.

The pair on the right are these gorgeous, wavy gold earrings. These are definitely more funky, and can be worn easily with casual outfits, or classier ones, too. I wore these to Uni with a baggy dress and felt really pretty in them! I felt way more put together with them on, than I did without. (And it’s fairly difficult to feel put together when Uni is stressing you out your tree.)

jewellerybox | earrings

I’d like to give a big thanks again, to jewellerybox for collaborating with me on this post! I love their jewellery – the items I picked are so sweet and dainty, however they do have some pieces that are a bit more colourful, too, if that is more of your thing. Check out their website here!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and thank you for reading! What was your favourite jewellery piece? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,

~ Beka

*This is a sponsored post – I have been given a product/payment in return for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. November 19, 2018 / 4:48 pm

    Oh oh oh it’s all so gorgeous!
    NGL I want it all even though the only piercing I have is my lobes haha. You’re right about the fake one, such Slytherin vibes!
    That ring is the most adorable wee thing I’ve ever seen.
    Cora |

    • Beka
      January 21, 2019 / 2:16 pm

      There’s no time like the present to pierce more of your body 😂 the earrings are gorgeous though, I love that they’re pull through and look so cute on! Ahhhh thank you, I thought so too ☺️

  2. Kim
    November 22, 2018 / 8:28 pm

    I’ve heard great things about Jewellerybox but don’t own any there products. I love the earrings you picked out.

    • Beka
      January 21, 2019 / 3:03 pm

      They are so affordable, with super cute packaging and lovely quality products! Great quality for the price of them ☺️

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