Adagio Autumn Teas Review

Adagio Autumn Teas Review

Welcome back, lovelies! I’m so excited for today’s post, and I’ve been waiting for weeks to bring this to you. If I could’ve wrote about it straight away, I would have, but I wanted to try all the teas so I could give you a detailed review. I’m a huge tea lover, and was so excited when the lovely people at Adagio Teas approached me to try out their autumn and winter tea ranges. I was truly spoiled by them, and got some other goodies and accessories in the package, too! In this post, I will be talking you through the Adagio autumn teas, and my favourites.

Stay tuned for their Christmas teas range, as well – there are some mouthwatering flavours for the festive season!

I received an array of different sample boxes from Adagio Teas. In each sample box, you get 4 bags of different loose leaf tea from that particular collection, which will make up to 40 cups of tea. They have a variety of different sample boxes, too! I love that they do this so you can try each tea in the collection, and find out what one is your favourite – rather than buying loads of different loose leaf teas┬áseparately without knowing what ones you’ll prefer. And you get to try out some teas that maybe you wouldn’t usually go for, and find that you love them!

adagio autumn teas

I also received an adorable monster-themed box of caffeine-free teas, if that is your jam. I love tea, but sometimes I feel that maybe I shouldn’t have it so close to bed (not that it stops me) – and I know some people who love tea that are trying to cut back on caffeine, too. If that is you, these teas would be perfect! Can I just mention again that they come in a cute, spooky tin? Perfect for Halloween!

Adagio Teas also stock empty, fill-able tea bags that you can fill with your loose leaf teas. If you don’t have an infuser of any kind, then these are a great investment so you’re not missing out on some of the amazing loose leaf teas out there! However, I do believe that infusers are more sustainable and you can get some really lovely ones out there.

You can get teapots with infusers built-in, or even mugs with built-in infusers, too – like this gorgeous red one! It comes with a lid for the top to keep your water boiling hot while your tea steeps.

adagio autumn teas

My favourite infuser has to be this ingenuiTEA pot. One of my favourite cafes serve your order in these pots, and they have the most amazing mechanism. After your tea has brewed, you place the pot on top of your mug and the pressure against it releases the tea out of the bottom, and straight into your mug – cool, right?

I’ve always wanted one of these since I first tried one – I think they’re so ingenious, but I never knew where to find them. I’m so glad that Adagio are selling these pots! If you’re a tea lover like me, this is an essential for your kitchen cupboard.

I was about to say that I can’t believe I have wrote this much already without actually talking about the tea I was sent to review – but then I remembered, it is me and I am talking about tea. This was never going to be a short blog post.

I’ve sectioned this next part up into each sample box. As I mentioned before, each box contains 4 different teas. I’m going to talk about 2 teas from each box, including my favourites! I wish I could talk to you about every single one, but I’ve already racked up over 600 words and this is just my intro. With that in mind, let’s get into it!


adagio autumn teas | Honeybush

Honeybushthis was the first tea I tried out of all of them. Honestly, it was the name that drew me to it. “Honeybush” sounds so warm and autumnal! The tea itself isn’t too adventurous, and has a lovely smokey/spiciness to it. I really enjoyed it, and would recommend this if you don’t like your teas to be too “out there”.

Honeybush MangoI love mango and tropical fruits, so I absolutely had to try this one next! If you like fruity teas, you have to try this. It was so refreshing, but not overpoweringly sweet like most fruit teas are. It’s my favourite tea in the Honeybush box!

(Also, you may have noticed in an earlier photo that I got a few singular packets of tea – one of them being a Honeybush Pumpkin Chai. I love the sound of this, and I can’t wait to try it! Don’t tell the others, but that one definitely has to be the most autumnal tea in this blog post.)

Nut and Spice Teas

adagio autumn teas | Nut and Spice tea

Almondwhen you smell this tea, you can really get the almonds. I was concerned that maybe the flavour would be overpowering because of this, but it wasn’t! It had a nice level of sweetness to it, too. I think this tea is great for a cosy night in, and I found myself surprisingly relaxed after drinking this! I think this has to be, surprisingly, my favourite tea in the Nut and Spice box.

Oriental Spiceon the box, it says that the taste reminds you of an oriental spice market. I can’t say they’re wrong – you do get a bit of a touristy feel as if you’re walking around a spice or Christmas market at night! It has such a lovely warming smell and taste. It’s perfect for autumn and cold nights as we’re transitioning into the winter months.

Premium Teas of China

adagio autumn teas | Premium Teas of China

Golden Spring a lovely black tea with subtle fruity undertones. Very easy to drink, and another one for the less adventurous tea drinkers out there! This makes a lovely hot drink in the mornings for your first cuppa.

Yunnan Goldanother one for the less adventurous! But that doesn’t mean this is plain. In fact, I would say this tea would be for the classic black tea drinker, who is looking to transition into drinking more flavoured teas. It’s a wonderful, black tea with some hints of milk chocolate. It is a very subtle chocolate flavour, but it is recognisably different from your basic black teas, and tastes gorgeous! Yunnan Gold is my favourite one from this box.

Earl Grey Teas

adagio autumn teas | Earl Grey teas

Earl Grey Moonlight this tea has a very nice smell, and you can taste the vanilla lingering in the background. My dad came to visit and tried this tea, and said it faintly tasted like custard creams! He really enjoyed this, as I would expect as he is a big fan of Earl Grey teas. I’m not as much of an Earl Grey drinker as he is, and I found this one a little more perfumed than I would usually like. However, I still enjoyed drinking it, and I’m sure other Earl Grey lovers like my dad will love this one!

Earl Grey Greena very enjoyable green tea. I do like green tea, but it’s one of those “treat” teas for me. It’s not one that I would go out of my way to drink, but when I do drink it, I feel very relaxed and clean. It has the faint Earl Grey-ness to it, but it in no way overpowers the fact that it is a green tea. The combination actually works really well! This has to be my favourite one from the Earl Grey box.

Pu Erh Teas

adagio autumn teas | Pu Erh teas

Pu Erh Spiceanother classic black tea. It has hints of spice and florals, and another perfect one for the mornings where you want to feel refreshed, but don’t want anything too strong in flavour.

Pu Erh ChorangeSO NICE!!! This is by far my favourite tea in this box. I’ll definitely be including this particular tea in my Christmas edition, as well – who doesn’t think “Christmas” when they hear chocolate orange? This tea is very clean and not at all sickly, as you might expect. Sometimes flavoured teas can taste of a generic “flavoured tea” flavour (if that makes sense – also, has anybody started a hit counter for the amount of times I’ve said “flavour”, yet?) but this one is delicious, and so unique! It did not turn bitter, either, and I let my second cup brew in my ingenuiTEA for a long time while I drank my first.

If you have stuck with me this far, I applaud you! I know this was a very long, ramble-y post about tea, but it is such a love of mine that I couldn’t help myself. I want to give a huge thank you, again, to Adagio Teas for collaborating with me and spoiling me with their collection. Stay tuned for my Christmas edition – or, if you’re impatient and can’t wait, check out what they have in store for you this winter on their website.

Which of these teas do you love the sound of? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,

~ Beka

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