What’s in My University Bag

What’s in My University Bag

I’ve always loved reading or watching “What’s in My Bag” posts and videos – I’m a bit nosy and love seeing what other people carry around with them. I always knew that at some point I would write my own post since I started my blog. However, I had so many ideas that I never got around to it, until now! Since I’m heading back to University for my final year this month, I thought it would be perfect to show you what’s in my University bag.

You get to have a nosy around my day-to-day Uni bag, while also seeing what are the absolute essentials after 3 years of learning what I need and what I don’t need. Whenever you start a new journey, whether it’s traveling, or moving, or going to University, sometimes you feel tempted to over-pack. I certainly do! I always think that it is better to be over-prepared, than find yourself stuck for something. Over the years I have found that really, you don’t need to take as much to Uni as you may think.

In previous years, I have used various backpacks to take all my things in. This year, I will be doing a lot of traveling back and forth from home to Uni each day, so I went out and bought myself something different.

what's in my university bag

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it on here before, so for all those who don’t know, I love tartan. I’m obsessed with it! I’m not sure if it’s the Scottish in me or it’s just a look that I love, but I do love it. So, I picked up this gorgeous blue and green tartan bag from Accessorize. I’ve gone with a tote bag this year as I think it will be a lot easier to pull out notepads, pens, my laptop etc out of an open-style bag like this.

For someone who will be traveling a lot, this is going to great for studying on the go. I won’t need to faff around with trying to open my backpack and find what I’m looking for. This year, I can clearly see where everything is, and I can slip things in and out quickly.

What I love about this bag is that it has a smaller zip bag inside! It’s thin and black, and separates the bag into two. However, it is only attached to the ends, so you can slip things underneath it at the bottom of the bag. My worry with open tote bags is that all your valuables are on show and vulnerable, but this zip bag is great to conceal your keys and purse, and anything else you want to keep out of sight!

what's in my university bag

The first thing I have in my bag this year is a pencil case. In past years, I’ve just left pens to roll around my bag or put them in separate compartments within the bag. They’ve got all jumbled, and end up in different places that it’s just too much effort to try and find a pen. This year, I’m using this cute make-up bag as a pencil case!

I’ve popped a few essentials in there, but I’ve learnt not to overload it. You may think you need your entire coloured pen and highlighter collections, but you don’t. Trust me. Leave those at home for study sessions where you can get really into the presentation of your notes – unless you decide to study this hard between lectures, at the library. (You won’t – again, trust me. You will get distracted by friends, food or go down a deep, dark YouTube hole. Procrastination is a disease.)

what's in my university bag

I picked up some simple, flexible notebooks this year. I really love flexible notebooks for Uni! Hardcover notepads, I find, are a lot more difficult to write in, especially when you’re over halfway through and it doesn’t want to open fully. I find myself trying to hold back the other half of the notebook just to write! For something you’ll be writing in for hours at a time, every single day for months, this isn’t ideal. I’d really recommend either flexible notebooks, or ring-binded notebooks.

The first two I got from my local Flying Tiger. They’re so simple, and very beautiful colours. Flying Tiger had some great stationery in this year, and I was torn for ages between what notepads to buy. Unfortunately they didn’t have enough different colours left in stock to buy four of them, so I only bought two.

what's in my university bag

After buying those notebooks, I headed to WH Smith to see what they had. I picked up these two and I love them. They’re still flexible and simple, but have a little more detail on the covers compared to the ones from Flying Tiger. They ended up all running with a pink and blue theme! That was unintentional, but I’m pretty happy with the 4 I chose.

This summer I bought myself a label maker, and so I labelled my notebooks using that. It’s a really cute embossing label maker that I bought off of Amazon, and I’m having a ball with it. It would’ve been fine just to write my course names on, but I think this looks way cuter!

what's in my university bag

Another few things I’ve added into my bag are these. Firstly, I have the most recent Flow magazine! I love these magazines – they’re so inspiring and such interesting reads, but also come with creative, cool activities and freebies every month. I picked this up from WH Smith while I was there, too. If you think this sounds like something you’d enjoy, I recommend having a look next time you’re in one to see if you can pick up a copy of Flow! I know that Sainsbury’s stocks them, too!

Sometimes you’ll find yourself with spare time between lectures, but not enough time to bring out the study books. Instead of sitting on my phone, I’d rather read something meaningful. So, I’m popping this in my bag for those moments!

The next is a plain notebook from Paperchase. Again, I’ve labelled this one, and it is just for general note taking. I’ll be writing stuff that relate to my courses, but aren’t lecture material. Like: separate coursework, important days I need to remember, or days where lectures aren’t on. The smaller things that I still need to pay attention to, but wouldn’t fit in my lecture notes book.

what's in my university bag

Lastly, I’ve popped this cute Cath Kidston bag in there. This holds little bits of medicine and anything you might need on the go. I have things like cold and flu tablets (a MUST), pain killers, plasters and bonjela (I get stress ulcers, lol). I also have an emergency scrunchie, and a packet of tissues. Another must!

Fresher’s Flu is alive and real, and it doesn’t just hit the Freshers. Mid-way through the year, you’re guaranteed to get a nasty cold/flu and stress colds are also a thing. Basically, what I’m trying to say is, mentally prepare yourself to be physically run down at least once each semester.

Apart from my laptop that I’ll take in some days, that’s everything that is going into my University bag this year! I hope you enjoyed this reading this post. And I hope that if you’re heading to/back to University this year, that this post can help you decide what to pack for yourself.

Is there anything you think I missed? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,

~ Beka

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